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Декабря 2008

Среда 17 Декабря 2008

Clone Installer (Sample Data) PDF Печать Email
Автор: admin
17.12.2008 14:22

Image 1 IceTheme is here to make your things as easy as possible providing you the tools that you need to make your website working as fast as a simple Joomla Installation. With the "Clone Installer" package you have the possibility to make your website exactly as you see on our demo page (http://demo.icetheme.com).

This feature will save you lot of time as you will have all the configuration and parameters setted by default, also you will have our sample images updated and every extensions enabled and working. So you have only to make changes and you are done.

Anyway be careful as this package will work only if you are starting your website from scratch. If you already have a working Joomla! website you should not make use of this feature as the database sql file may delete your current database. For more information on how-to set up our extensions on your current working website please refer to the paramters of each extensions on the main Extension page.

Суббота 13 Декабря 2008

Template Styles PDF Печать Email
Автор: admin
13.12.2008 16:04

This Joomla template is built-in with an amazing set of 6 different stylish color variations. You can easily change the template style on the Template Manager in J! Administrator. Also your users can have a option to change the style on the fly through our template style-changer.

Click on the corresponding image to load the Style

Style 1

Template Style 1

Style 2

Template Style 2


Style 3

Template Style 3

Style 4

Template Style 4

Style 5

Template Style 5

Style 6

Template Style 6



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